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David's chapbook,
The Deep Woods, will be released this fall by Blue Horse Press                             
 David's memoir, My Mother's House, will be released Spring 2016, by Texas Review Press 


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Click above to hear the author discussing his writing style and also reading from his new novel HARLOW. Copyright ©2013, Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities.

Click above to see the author reading from his new novel HARLOW. Copyright ©2013, Southeastern Louisiana University.

David Armand was born and raised in Louisiana. He has worked as a drywall hanger, a draftsman, and as a press operator in a flag printing factory. He now teaches at Southeastern Louisiana University, where he also serves as associate editor for Louisiana Literature Press. In 2010, he won the George Garrett Fiction Prize for his first novel, The Pugilist's Wife, which was published by Texas Review Press. His second novel, Harlow, was published by Texas Review Press in 2013. David's third novel, The Gorge, is forthcoming this fall from Southeast Missouri State University Press. He has a chapbook, The Deep Woods, coming out later this year from Blue Horse Press; and his memoir, My Mother's House, is forthcoming Spring 2016 from Texas Review Press. David lives with his wife and two children and is working on his sixth book, The Lord's Acre.

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